Rodhe's Marketplace Rewards
We appreciate your business and are delighted that you choose to shop with us. We are always looking for ways to save you money by offering every day low prices and hundreds of sale items every week. Now, we want to do even more, by making your shopping with us a rewarding experience.
  • Membership in Rodhe's Marketplace Rewards is FREE!
  • Your Rodhe's Marketplace Rewards card is active, but it must be registered with a valid email address for you to take full benefit of our new Rewards Program.
  • Registering your Rodhe's Marketplace Rewards card is easy! Simply register your card online OR call us at (888) 866-9186.
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Rodhe's Gas N' Go
  • Earn 10 cents per gallon discount on your gas purchases for every $100 you spend in-store!
  • Redeem your fuel discount at the pump and watch your gas prices drop automatically!
  • Only purchases made in the last 60 days from date of redeeming gas discount qualify. Purchases past the 60 days, if discount is never used, expire.
Emails From Us
  • We use your email address to give you special offer opportunities, updates on your Rodhe's Marketplace Rewards account, and other valuable information.
  • We will not overwhelm your inbox or share your personal information.
  • Please add to your email "safe list."
  • Purchases of lottery, postage, gift cards, tobacco products, pharmacy, money orders, and any items prohibited by law are not eligible toward Rodhe's Marketplace Rewards.